STEP 4: Be calm (Ask And You Shall Receive Masterclass)

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Nine Step Method To Conscious Creation Step 4: BE CALM

Align your head with your heart. Have peace. 

Video 4 from Receive Joy's Ask And You Shall Receive Masterclass (10 sessions total).

Enjoy this video session to remind yourself how to manifest and include God in your askings and desires to joyfully receive. 

Step 4: Be Calm from Ask And You Shall Receive

  • the most important step
  • align your head with your heart
  • honor your first gut feeling
  • the temple of sacrifice
  • calm and peace
  • meditation and prayer
  • Five Minute Couch Time
  • God vs. Amazon orders
  • and many more concepts as presented in Ask And You Shall Receive and brand new explanations to remind yourself how to manifest light and easy

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MPEG-4 movie, download, 2.09 GB, 45 min.