STEP 6: Lead with Love (Ask And You Shall Receive Masterclass)

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Nine Step Method To Conscious Creation Step 6: LEAD WITH LOVE

Let us love ourself first. Have Grace.  

Session 6 from Receive Joy's Ask And You Shall Receive Masterclass (10 sessions total).

In this session: 

  • love your neighbor as yourself: love your life and yourself first
  • imprint yourself with blessed self-talk
  • praise yourself
  • watch your thoughts
  • add more love: fill yourself up
  • be your own cheerleader and best friend
  • God is the author of love
  • the 2 angels on your shoulder 
  • self-love and self-care
  • have grace

Enjoy this video session to remind yourself how to manifest and include God in your askings and desires to joyfully receive. 

Watch a sample here

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MPEG-4 movie, download, 2.65 GB, 48 min.