STEP 7: BLESS Everyone And Everything With Love And Gratitude (Ask And You Shall Receive Masterclass)

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Nine Step Method To Conscious Creation Step 7: BLESS everyone and everything with love and gratitude. Have mercy. 

Session 7 from Receive Joy's Ask And You Shall Receive Masterclass (10 sessions total).

Enjoy this video session to remind yourself how to manifest and include God in your askings and desires to joyfully receive. 

In this session: 

  • God blessed us first so that we can extend His blessing into the world
  • Bless everything
  • Name everything
  • Bless your food and your water
  • Be aware of the words and phrases you use
  • Be aware of what surrounds you
  • Bless everyone and only receive blessings in return
  • Acts of kindness

 Watch a sample here

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MPEG-4 movie, download, 1.92 GB, 1 hour