Blessed By The Tongue (eBook download, pfd)

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Blessed By The Tongue: Transform Your Vocabulary, Transform Your Life

This book explains:

God set up the Power of the Word from the beginning of time and left us The Holy Bible with all instructions on how to realize, acknowledge, and utilize this power

How to master your speech, take charge of your words, and build a transformational vocabulary to live by design

The authors of this book choose to speak only beautiful truth—or remain silent. We thank God for providing everything before we even know of our desires. And we thank Jesus for His complete work on the cross when He paid for everything in full and it truly is finished. Everything is a gift from God, lest any man boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). God is the gift and the giver. In the Spirit, we are complete. To manifest anything into the physical, all we have to do is to believe, master our speech, declare our askings, and receive our inheritance by being the matching vibration.

We are standing on the shoulders of all the great teachers that came before us: Jesus, Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Andrew Wommack, Louise Hay, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Hans Jenny, Reinhard Bonnke, Lynne McTaggert, …

Some of these great humans mentioned transformational vocabulary, positive speaking, and the vibration of words before, however we are here to go one step further to connect the dots and make you aware that:

What you sow from your mouth is what you reap: everything that is sent out comes back by the law of attraction

Words are vibration

Every single word you speak creates: What you say it exactly what you receive

Positive speaking is more than having a pleasant demeanor and pleasing personality: We have to be aware of the very words and phrases we use consciously and subconsciously, in our self-talk and internal dialog, silent thoughts in the form of words repeating themselves in our head, and surely the words we speak to ourselves and others.

When you master your tongue, you master your life

With Love and Gratitude, Receive Joy