Lesson #110 Your Sacred Space: The Power Of Conscious Practice

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Do you have a sacred space for yourself? A place where you can be by yourself in serenity. A place where you can read your Holy Bible and sort through your thoughts. Your Heaven on Earth where you are able to leave the world as it is for a few moments and connect to God, to pray, to journal, to breathe, to dream and do your imagining. A physical place where you recharge and script your life by design.  

In this lesson, Receive Joy gives you ample inspiration how to set up your sacred space and how to utilize it best. We also share our sacred spaces with pictures and a few members from our network Million True Millionaires also contributed descriptions and pictures of their sacred spaces. We also added a Focus Target to plan your sacred space on paper first. 

Each lesson comes with mind-opening exercises, a call to action, Bible verses to memorize, encouraging miracle stories, believable affirmative truth statements and powerful prayers.

Change your life for $1 and live by design! 

37 pages (20 text pages), pdf-download, 3.8MB