My Story Workbook (eBook, pdf, download)

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“Who am I?” is one of the big questions of humankind. All the answers are within you already. Receive Joy invites you to answer this big question by investigating and defining your own soul. You may be happy to make vision boards and plan for your family, plan for your job and plan your giving to favorite charities. How about creating a book; a story staring you. Start by answering simple questions about you.  

This workbook is designed for you to joyfully answer the question “Who Am I in this season of my life and what have I accomplished thus far?” Take inventory and script your story in this organized platform, know thyself and share your light. Give God the glory.

Focus areas: 

  • About My Self
  • My Divine Mission
  • My Gratitude
  • This Makes Me--Me
  • My Day
  • My Achievements & Accomplishments
  • My Goals
  • My Legacy
  • My Preferences
  • My Ideal Self
  • My Ideal Day
  • My Happiness
  • My Miracles
  • My Health
  • My Wealth and Abundance
  • My Family, Friends and Community
  • Charity and Giving
  • My Growth
  • My Spirituality
  • My Personal Space
  • Travel and Exploration
  • My Dreams and Heaven on Earth
  • My Inspiration
  • My Freedom
  • Change
  • My Thoughts
  • Who I Am

160 pages