Flow With Nature

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God is expressing Himself through us and nature. Nature is perfect. God created everything in perfection. There is an innate understanding in nature. Nature obeys God’s laws. Nature flows and continues on. Nature follows God’s seasons.

We also flow and transition with the seasons. The Earth rotates around the sun and we are privileged to experience the sensation of sunrises and sunsets. Most of nature comes alive when the sun is visible and rests as the darkness appears.

On a sunny day, take 10 minutes and sit in the sunlight. What do you feel? Write down what you feel.

In the sunlight, I feel warm, happy, relaxed, quiet, at peace, en­ergized, activated, calm, soothed, good, reassured, and connect­ed. Sitting in the sun made me realize the duality of light: the calming, relaxing, quiet aspect of it in addition to the energizing, activating part. My mood lifted instantly to joyous and happy. I felt enlightenment. My body was “charging”.

Feel the incredible surge of energy we receive from the rays of the sun. As solar panels harnessing the light energy, we too receive nourishment from sitting in the sun, being with yourself and our creator and a welcome recharge of our batteries.

Go outside and experience nature. Be outside, take a walk, let the sun shine on your face, feel the wind on your skin, sit by a stream, feel the power of a waterfall or the soothing rhythm of waves. Feel the grass between your toes, enjoy gardening, take a hike, go swimming, enjoy outdoor life, smell the roses, experience nature’s profound silence, hug a tree. See the beauty everywhere.

Like most of us, I enjoy watching animals. I have two little turtles swimming in my pool. The lessons I learn from them are trea­sures. Sit in silence, sit in the sun and let the sun shine on you, floating in the pool can be done all day long and God still takes good care of me with His provisions. Play with a friend.

We are the only ones being distracted as our mind and our thoughts wander to the past and to the future. Animals just live in the moment, while we often live in yesterday, rethinking yesterday’s thoughts and contemplating what-ifs and what might have been. We can learn from nature.

Let us be in the present moment and experience nature’s rhythm. Nature behaves according to God’s plan. We notice that na­ture rhythmically flows accord­ing to God’s plan. We humans tend to devise and follow our own plans separated from God. We are where we are and what we are because of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

We are compelled to react to things that come by catching our attention. We swim against the current and use so much extra energy. Oftentimes, we push against the flow when we seek the feeling of being in control. Since we are a higher form of intelligence, let us learn to flow with God’s plan and choose to be hap­py. Let us acknowledge God’s perfect plan already in place.

When we look at the night sky, we notice that the stars are in constant movement. They travel in a hypnotic rhythm. God set up the Universe containing this special rhythm of flow and allow. We are put on this Earth to flow with that same powerful movement. All vibrations we send out are returned to us.

The same hypnotic rhythm binds our dominant thoughts and all our thought pat­terns. Our morals also have influence on our thoughts. We reap what we sow. Permanent opulent thoughts of goodness and abun­dance create flow. Thus, all our thoughts, words, and deeds spin a three-dimensional web. This web holds us and either builds us up and lifts us above worldly influence or binds us fast to it.

” You do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world . . .” –John 15:19 (NIV)

It is our conscious choice to spin our web and actively design our life in goodness. Let us fill it with the light of God. Thus, we are in this world and yet lifted up to God’s world through our connec­tion to Him. The law of hypnotic rhythm is available to all. Use it in uplifting ways!

Positive thinking, positive speaking, and good deeds are pleasing to ourselves and God. Let us continually prac­tice our connection to God. Let us step out from our own shadow, surrender, and connect to God’s light. Rejoice in His creation and flow with the natural rhythm God designed and desires for us.