The Power Of Positive Words

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Every word matters! Every word is a creation. This is the secret beyond The Secret: the thought attracts and the word creates!

God created us and we are the co-creators of our lives. We can decide to think, speak and act positively and thus create love, joy, gratitude, hope, compassion, mercy, praise, and much more positivity–or we can choose to create the lack thereof. This is why it is important to think and SPEAK positive!

Words come from organized thoughts, hence we encourage you to write them down. We think thousands of more thoughts than we speak forth. Since our words come from our thoughts, if we simply listen to our words, we can tell how positive our thoughts are in every moment. Monitoring thoughts takes practice, time, rightmindedness, extreme concentration, and consciousness. Editing written words is more doable.

If our words have the power to bless (or the opposite) let us decide to make every word count. This entails bringing the common phrases we use all the time to our awareness, allowing us to change every word to a blessing. Let us convert them into positive creations. Let us be conscious of what we are calling in with our words in every moment.

For example, three phrases used too often are “don’t worry,” “no doubt,” and “no problem.” Why do we desire to create “worries,” “doubt,” and “problems” when we really mean “You are welcome,” “Absolutely,” or “My pleasure”? Have you ever used “unconditional” love? Why energetically put “condition” on love and then “un” it? Instead, you may prefer to experience pure or agape love.

Are our words supporting our purpose? Let us be conscious of which words we send out to achieve what we desire. Take a few days and observe what words and phrases you and the people around you use–are they reflecting what you wish to attract in your physical life?

Positive thoughts become positive words. If our use of positive words requires further development, this may show that our thoughts yearn for conscious enhancement. Let us always be consciously aware of our words. Let us train ourselves to clean up our words. Life is a masterpiece of continual creation.

In the beginning was the word. We can start by rediscovering all the good words and train our minds to use expanded positive vocabulary. Let us always speak kind words in abundance–to others as well as our­selves! Let us listen to the words we use to think about and speak to ourselves. Are all the words we use uplifting and full of light? All words are energy. Remember, what radiates out of us comes back to us.

To some of us, it might feel like learn­ing a new language. This language is a conscious creation. From today forward, please actively use beautiful words to enhance your spoken and written communication. Include such words as

  • Abundant
  • Beneficial
  • Brilliant
  • Delightful
  • Glorious
  • Grateful,
  • Meaningful

Collect your own beautiful words. If you wish to receive more inspiration, please refer to the Beautiful Word List in Chapter 9 of Ask And You Shall Receive. Observing our words for many years, Receive Joy also created an Exchange Word List for words and phrases we observed being used and empowering alterna­tives.

When God created in the first page of The Bible, he said all is “good.” How brilliant! We humans tend to say “not bad,” when what we really mean is the opposite. God uses proper words to say what He means. Let us follow in His image and use The Power of Positive Words!